UPF Protection

What does a rating of UPF 50+ mean?

The fabric used in many of our hats has a rating of UPF 50+. This simply means that this fabric only allows 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the surface of the hat to penetrate. The high-density fabrics have been independently tested by a third party company assuring you of a tighter woven premium hat that protects your skin against the harmful UV rays. Wearing UPF 50+ (not SPF) rated hats are a smart healthy habit for protection from harmful UV sun rays.

 UPF vs. SPF

  • UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) - Used to measure effectiveness of Protective Fabrics

  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) - Used to measure effectiveness of Sunscreens

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 Wearing a hat can be an important weapon in skin protection.