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The world of Laurel Burch brings excitement to fans, collectors, and kindred spirits throughout the world.  Our wish is for you to find joy, warmth and delight in our new collections; to enjoy our offerings as timeless gifts that connect each other, with the same passion that inspired Laurel to create them. 

Laurel was a self-taught painter. She saw herself as a folk artist, telling stories. “In our fast-paced, changing world,” she said, “we need symbols that are a reminder of the ongoing world of the spirit.” On some level, her work was always about bringing different cultures together, and about our connection with the earth and all living things, ideas that have only increased in relevance today. 

Her art will forever convey a sense of joy and passion and lightness. There is an inner strength in her figures, with their bold lines and sinuous curves, and something irrepressible in the explosion of her colors. The universe of her imagination was fertile, burgeoning, uplifting, egalitarian, a place where every flower and dragonfly was transformed into something...magical and beautiful. 

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